If you'd like to use The Mom Test in your class, I'd love to help you do so.

The book is taught at top universities as a required text, including:

  • University College London's MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship
  • London Business School's MBA
  • Harvard's Project Management 101

I'm always thrilled to hear about classrooms that are using the book. If you have picked it up and we haven't chatted about it, I'd really love if you'd let me know.

Contact, questions, and support

Recommended teaching topics

The book is well-suited to a classroom environment. As a core set of teaching topics, I suggest:

  • Chapter 1 (pgs. 11-26): using 'The Mom Test' to identify bad questions and turn them into good ones
  • Chapter 2 (pgs. 27-46): recognising and fixing the 3 major causes of bad and biased data
  • Chapter 5 (pgs. 73-84): using commitment and advancement to validate early customer interest

Since the book originally grew out of workshop-based teaching, it offers several easy-to-run activities.

  • Good question / bad question (20 minute interactive lecture or 40 minute group exercise based on examples in chapter 1)
  • Risk analysis and big 3 learning goals (20-40 minute individual or group exercise based on the "important questions" concept in chapter 3)
  • Plan the appropriate commitments to ask for in a series of meetings (10-20 minute individual or group exercise based on the types of commitments in chapter 5)
  • Mock conversations (10-30 minute group exercise based on the example conversation at the beginning of chapter 1)

Purchase options

If your students will be buying the ebook directly, I can provide classroom-specific discount codes.

If you'd like the book to be stocked in the campus bookstore, just have them contact me at rob@robfitz.com and I'll arrange for the appropriate number of copies to be sent over.

I can also print a special run of university-branded copies if you'd like to give them away at as a gift or at an extracurricular event (100 copy minimum).

In general, the bulk price is €10 per copy.

However, if you're teaching students in the developing world (or anyone else for whom its difficult to buy books), please let me know and we'll try to work out a way to offer free (or very steeply discounted) copies in exchange for a case study of how your students use it.